Sustainable Living in Chicago

Sustainable living is an important issue for residents in the Chicago area who share the common goal of expanding recycling programs, educating people on the benefits of sustainable living practices and promoting green building technology. Low impact living is an essential aspect for those interested in a greener tomorrow, as well as the protection of the Earth’s natural resources. A number of educational and resource centers have been set up in Chicago with the aim of increasing sustainable living practices, making a significant difference to the environment along with the reduction of carbon emissions.

The Chicago Center for Green Technology (CCGT) was set up as a green design educational resource center which aims to advance and promote sustainable buildings, homes and workplaces in Chicago and the Midwest. The Chicago Center for Green Technology provides Green Tech U Seminars and volunteer opportunities for those interested in green and sustainable living, due to increasing demand for green technology and educational resources.

The Green Tech Resource Center offers advice, research and reference materials for businesses, developers, architects and homebuilders in the Chicago area who are looking to incorporate green materials and sustainable designs in to their building projects. The CCGT building is an excellent example of sustainable design and received the LEED® Platinum rating, the first in the country, from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Another organization that aims to demonstrate the viability of sustainable living in urban environments is Urban Habitat Chicago. Urban Habitat Chicago is a non profit group consisting of volunteers with a range of interests and from a mix of professions including interior designers, biologists, landscape architects, education and real estate. Projects undertaken by Urban Habitat Chicago include vegetating derelict urban sites and promoting the reuse of building materials.

The Foundation for Real Nutrition and Sustainable Living provides a supportive community for those interested in sustainable food production in Chicago, as well as offering advice on how to prepare nutrient rich foods.

Sustaneity is an online resource for people interested in sustainable living in Chicago and the US. Sustaneity provides information on green technology courses and seminars, sustainable living news, green building, clean tech, energy events, organic farms and farmers markets. Also included are recycling tips and solar power information.

Businesses considering moving to the city or opening office suites in Chicago and Downtown Chicago Illinois can play their part by ensuring environmental responsibility in a wide variety of ways, from supporting sustainable energy initiatives to operating office recycling schemes.