Environmental Jobs

The past few years have given the American workforce a tough economy–but for those with a passion for making a difference in the world, there is a job opening.

Green jobs are paving the way to a healthier future for all as well as providing an entire industry’s worth of jobs to choose from, and whether you’re a passionate conservationist or just someone who is great at solving problems, whether you want to work in the green field full or part time, or even whether or not you have a relevant degree, there is a very important place for you in the world of environmental jobs.

In fact, the necessity of a degree is a common misconception in terms of who can work in an environmental job. There are plenty of jobs that require them (or for which a college or higher background really helps) but plenty of positions that are suitable for people without a degree, let alone one in environmental science, as well as students and entrepreneurs looking for a supplement to their current business.

Organic Farming.

All you need is a little bit of land, some organic seeds and you’re literally in business. Organic produce is healthier for the people who eat it as well as the environment it comes from, devoid of genetic modification and hazardous chemicals. If you want to expand the impact, start work with other gardeners and get involved with or start a co-op or farmer’s market in your area. Partner with local restaurants and stores.

Green Media.

Spreading the word about environmental stewardship is one of the most important steps to a greener world because it makes everyone aware of the issues at hand and what they can do–not to mention, a job in media is an excellent chance to use your creative talents. Especially with our co-dependency on the internet, whether you’re a writer, a filmmaker or an artist, there is a place for your talents both online and off. Start or apply to write for a blog or information site, do research on products and issues. Make cool posters and photographs that catch people’s eyes while teaching them something, or upload a moving short documentary to YouTube.


There are plenty of organizations that hire fundraisers. Before committing, find out the details of the job, how you will be raising funds, and ask lots of questions.


A job in environmental policy may give you a chance to work with top scientists while helping to make sense of issues in ways that shape the future. The difference you will make will be based on exciting new science, and will move our country in the direction of green.


For scientists with advanced degrees, a new field in alternative or renewable energy includes experimentation with new ideas, and working to convert more power sources to less conventional energy, like wind, solar and up and coming sources.


A vital component of the green movement is helping the next generation to get into the habit of putting the earth high on their priorities lists. Teachers may come from all different backgrounds, though most will be in the sciences, and may teach at any level of education, or outside the school system in museums, in full view or behind the scenes of independent media outlets. Science teachers may have the most direct path to getting students to think green, but educators in the arts, social sciences, communications and literature can rewire assignments to get students exercising their eco thinking.