Eco Friendly and Green Products

Thinking of the environment, and what you can do to help, can be daunting. However, by using an easily obtainable, eco friendly product each day, rather than the high-energy alternative, you can make a simple yet significant difference. Sustainable, green products are readily available in today’s market, and although some may cost more to purchase, there are savings to be made in the long run.

Probably the most well known eco friendly products, which are readily available, are the energy saving light bulbs. They cost a little more than the traditional versions, but they last far longer and use much less electricity, so that will show a saving in your monthly electricity bill. This is fast becoming a popular way to save money and the environment.

Energy Star rated appliances and light fixtures are also becoming a very popular way to reduce costs and carbon emissions. Like the energy saving bulbs, they may cost a little more at first, but the long-term savings to be made are substantial. Energy Star rated light fixtures and appliances come in many styles to suit a variety of homes and businesses, and a wide range of design preferences. Appliances are available for most everyday needs, and range form large kitchen items such as refrigerators and dishwashers, down to small office items such as printers and computer monitors.

Lawns require an incredible amount of water so many people living in dry or arid areas are opting for eco or synthetic grass. The initial outlay may be larger but the savings to the household’s annual water bill, not to mention the area’s water reserves, can be substantial.

Another way to save the planet is by ensuring that you or your gardening company use battery-powered lawn mowing and garden maintenance equipment that produce zero emissions and significantly reduced noise pollution.

Recycled items such as lamps made from recycled glass, or storage containers made from recycled plastic, are another great way to help the environment. There is a wide variety of green products such as these, to be found, for many everyday requirements, which come in a range of styles to suit many tastes, from contemporary to traditional. Green products can also be used to make your own decorative or useful items in and around the home.

Choosing organic products, such as organic food and make-up, is another great way to help the environment, and your health. Traditional farming and manufacturing methods can pollute the environment with chemicals like pesticides, among other issues, so choosing to support organic products can go a long way to reducing pollution in the world. Organic products are also known to be far more beneficial to our health, which is an added bonus when choosing these eco friendly products.

It is very likely that you can find an eco friendly variation of most products you need. It is also probable that most of these products can save you a significant amount of money, such as with utility bills and costs relating to replacement frequency, as well as helping the environment. Replacing a high-energy item with an eco friendly product today is the first step to a sustainable way of living.