Recycling Bins & Containers

For years, we have been instructed on the importance of recycling in order to protect the Earth’s valuable resources. However, for the busy homeowner or business owner, making the decision to design a recycling center can be overwhelming. Setting up a recycling center can seem expensive, and with so many choices, it’s hard to know which system to choose.

There are recycling containers for every type of lifestyle or business. For recycling centers in a residence, a homeowner is typically concerned about the style of the bin and the amount of space the bin will take up. For a recycling station set up in a garage, several manufacturers produce stackable recycling bins. These bins can stack on each other and mount to a wall, which allows the homeowner to save space. Stackable bins typically come in a variety of colors to fit most preferences. In addition, the bins can be left outside for short periods of time at the curb for collection and are equipped with hinged lids to keep animals out of the bin.

For inside of the house, homeowners can chose bins that sit in the open or bins that are hidden in cabinets. For bins not in cabinets, there are several trendy bins that fit well with modern kitchen décor. Most of these bins are stainless steel and are thin enough to sit right up against the wall and out of the way of foot traffic. The Smart Bin makes a recycling bin that is only 24 inches high and 13 inches wide, with a satin metal finish. There are sections of the bin to aid with sorting paper, plastic, and glass recyclables, with a pedal to open each lid hands free. For those that would prefer hidden bins, the company Simplehuman produces a recycling system that can be installed into a lower kitchen cabinet. The two included bins slide out of the cabinet on a track a full 16” from the base to allow for access.

If homeowners prefer to keep their recyclable materials outdoors, it is important to choose a bin that can withstand hot sun, freezing temperatures, rain, and snow. The recycling bin must also have a secure lid to keep the recyclables from flying out of the bin. A bin with wheels can make it easier to move the recycling from the side of the house to the curb when necessary.

For an >office setting, or a business setting where the bins are in the public view, sleek attractive stainless steel bins for recycling can blend in with the surrounding décor. The Bermuda Series of recycling containers produced by Busch Systems are bins that are made of a sleek stainless steel in an elegant and modern triangular shape. When fire safety is an issue, these bins are also self-extinguishing to prevent accidental combustion of recyclable materials. The Bermuda Series bins are also made of 35% recycled content, making them an eco-friendly choice.

In a cubical setting, an inexpensive and space saving option is the Deskmate Under Desk Recycling Bins. These bins are only 12 inches high and can easily slide under a computer desk. Despite their small size, they can easily fit 1000 sheets of paper or over a dozen water bottles. Empty boxes that held reams of computer paper can also act as recycling containers for underneath a computer desk.

There are also several options for businesses that would prefer to store larger quantities of recyclables outdoors. Business owners should look for weather resistant bins that are large and heavy enough to resist tipping. If the owner would prefer to keep others from depositing materials in the bins, recycling containers with locking mechanisms are available.

Whether you are looking for a recycling bin for your home or your office, there are many recycling containers on the market. There is sure to be one to fit every budget and style.

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