Toner Recycling

It has been reported that only around 5 percent of toner cartridges are currently being recycled. This means that the vast majority are going to landfill sites, which are already reaching capacity, and more will need to be created, should this means of disposal continue. This is extremely detrimental to the environment, especially when the manufacturing of new cartridges is considered. It takes more than two ounces of oil to manufacture just one new toner cartridge, and the materials used to create them will take approximately 1000 years to bio-degrade. A student attending school can use around 8 toner cartridges per year, and a medium-sized business will likely use around 1000 cartridges, or more, in just 12 months. However, both individuals and businesses can make a big difference by beginning to recycle toner cartridges. It is a lot easier to include this process in everyday life than some may think, and it can even save a significant amount of money.

Many companies, which sell or manufacture toner cartridges, also offer a toner recycling service; this usually entails the purchaser of the cartridges simply packaging the empty products in to the boxes that contained the new items, and sending them back to the manufacturing or distributing company. In many instances, this act will lead to either a discount on new cartridges for the purchaser, a refund for the recycled items or a donation to charities from the manufacturing or distributing company. This practice is most common for businesses that must purchase a large amount of toner cartridges per year, and so have a recurring process of purchasing and recycling.

If the company selling the toner does not participate in the process of recycling cartridges, it is quite easy to find a company that does, as a separate process. These recycling companies are easy to find via an online search, and they will often pay a monetary amount to the sender, for the receipt of the empty cartridges. Similarly, there are many companies that will donate to charities upon the receipt of empty toner cartridges. Many of the large office supply chain stores also participate in the toner recycling process, and many offer money saving and environmentally conscious solutions for both individuals and businesses. Large office supply stores are another easily accessible way to begin to recycle toner.

Recycling toner cartridges is a great way to start living and doing business in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way. The toner recycling process need not be a hassle, and it is just another simple way that everyone can help the environment and prevent further pollution in the future.